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The Benefits of Google Business Profile for Your Business

Thomas Hamson

Google Business Profile (previously known as Google My Business) provides companies with a brilliant opportunity to stand out on Google with a free business profile.

The service allows companies to list their business on Google. This means that they appear in search results which are potentially converted into new customers.

So here are some benefits of having a Google Business Profile, including how you can utilise it to increase sales.

It’s free!

Google Business Profile is free! All you need to do is sign up and fill out your profile with the required information such as a contact number, website, photos, location and more.

Improves your brand awareness

Google Business Profile essentially puts your business on the map. It’s the biggest search engine, receiving well over 100,000 searches per second at the time of writing.

Without setting up a profile, your business will be missing out on the opportunity to improve its brand awareness. Any Google Business Profile listing receives priority on the first page of local Google searches.

As a result, creating a profile immediately increases your chances of being seen and found.

Offers a method of communication

Keeping customers informed and educated is extremely important and a listing provides you with a platform to do this. By maintaining your listing and keeping it up to date customers can contact you effortlessly.

Provides a strong first impression

Having a listing can provide a strong first impression for your business as it shows customers that you’re willing to engage and stay up to date. Upload a few photos and videos to help captivate customers visually.

Provides a platform for reviews

Google Business Profile allows customers to provide reviews on your listing. It’s a fantastic tool because happy customers can share their experiences with potential new customers. However, bear in mind that unhappy customers can leave negative reviews.

The best way to maintain positive reviews is to always monitor and respond to any reviews left on your profile.

Gain insight into your customers

You can use the insight from your listing to improve your business. The platform’s insight focuses on how customers find your listing and what they do after finding you.

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